1. kgvickers's Avatar
    Flame suit on, I searched, couldn't find exact question ever asked before . . .

    I have a 3Gs currently JB on 3.1.2. Cydia has all the blobs since then (including 4.0.2) but not 4.1 - I assume as soon as the rush is over Cydia will get that one, too.

    If I go ahead and flash to 4.1 (yes, I know I'll loose the JB) will Cydia still collect the 4.1 blob for my phone? Or, can it only collect the blobs while my phone is JB'd?


    09-09-2010 07:12 PM
  2. myzhi's Avatar
    Yes. Once Cydia starts collecting you blobs, it will continue to save new ones when they become available withou you needing to do anything. SHSH blobs has nothing to with with what's on your phone. Only what Apple is sending out. Thus, you can save, with Tinyumbrella, even if the phone is not JB.
    09-09-2010 07:30 PM
  3. farbod21's Avatar
    Use tinyUmbrella. I used advanced options to save my 4.1 blob and I havent even installed 4.1 yet.
    09-09-2010 07:56 PM