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    I have seen a few threads on the subject, but none that seem to hit on the exact issue..

    I begrudingly left my iphone behind after 2 years of AT&T's absolutely dismal service. I am on verizon now. I still have my old iphone, using it as an ipod for the time being. It's currently not jailbreaked, but certainly can be.

    I am headed overseas for work in 2 weeks. Of course my VZ phone won't work abroad.

    I have done some snooping and found there seem to be ways of getting the goPhone prepaid sims to work with the iphone, and it isn't too challenging. That said, there are mixed reviews on what more it takes to get international calling or data tacked on--and the cost skyrockets to the point of "is this really worth it!?!" ($300+ for five days in Swtizerland seems absurd).

    So I wanted to ask--are there alternatives I am not thinking of? would it be better to jailbreak to something like TMobile? Are there euro sim cards I should purchase instead?

    appreciate any insights!
    09-02-2010 01:21 PM