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    I got my phone unlocked done when I was in Thailand so I could use their sim cards. It was done with Cydia and BossPrefs. After that wifi would not work so I had to download something else, a springboard I think it's called, which I access by swiping my finger across the top of the phone. Anyway, I have always just used wifi and now I have added a data plan and it won't work. 3G is turned on both in my iphone and in the springboard. Funny thing is when I try to use the internet, an option pops up to purchase a plan so I purchased 24 hours for $2 just to test it out and everything worked just fine. Another note, when I turn off the 3G in the springboard, it switches from the 3g network to the Edge but still doesn't work. Any ideas???
    08-25-2010 01:19 PM