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    **I apologize if this has been asked already, I used the search engine and couldnt find anything....althought I did not read all 20 pages of posts***

    Recently jailbroke my iPhone 4 and use cydia and winterboard. First big glitch i noticed is that I can no longer navigate to another program/app while I am on a phone call. In the past, I've just double clicked the home button and the small menu of icons pops up on the bottom of the screen, and I can choose to text, use the internet, view my contacts, etc all while still being on a phone call. Since I jailbroke, however, I can not longer double click the home screen buttom and produce the small icon menu.

    Has anyone else had this problem? Could it perhaps just be some settings that I need to change? Any help would be appreciated.
    08-16-2010 04:59 PM
  2. IGoSlo's Avatar
    I'm on a 3G 8GB 4.0 JB iPhone and just tested your issue. I had no problem. Called my buddy, dbl tapped home button, opened contacts and gave him some info. without a hitch. Sorry I couldn't help you.
    08-16-2010 05:07 PM
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    thanks for your quick reply. if anyone sees this post and has had this issue heard of it, please let me know. thanks!
    08-16-2010 05:20 PM
  4. rdiddy_25's Avatar
    Are u sure that u are on 3g during the call? If not and u see an E for edge, then u can't talk and surf, text or anything while on the phone
    08-16-2010 06:52 PM
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    Rdiddy, you misunderstood me. I'm using a 3G 8GB JB 4.0 iPhone. Did not say I was on 3G service.

    Update... 2010/08/17 14:15:

    Rdiddy, this may be of interest to you. I'm sitting @ the Petro in San Antonio, Tx now and using PDANet, with PC, Also just talked to wife using my iPhone, looked up a note for her in my contacts list. All on A T & T 3G...

    I guess it's similiar to multitasking... call goes into "hold" mode (for lack of teck term), (green status bar). dbl tap home to open multitasking, tap contacts... do your thing... tap green status bar... BAM... start talkng...
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    08-16-2010 11:07 PM