1. bigbud7's Avatar
    i have a 3gs on ios4 now which ofcourse wasnt the best idea to upgrade to that crap but the big issue is that at every call recieved or made after i hang up it gets black and crashes...anyone with similar probs and maybe a solution for that
    08-16-2010 05:00 AM
  2. big9erfan's Avatar
    It's probably one of the jailbroken apps you have installed. Trying removing one of the more recent ones you installed and see if it fixes it. Not a lot of the jailbroken apps are 4.0.x compatible yet.
    08-16-2010 08:15 AM
  3. swooshme's Avatar
    Do WHat big9erfan said. It is something you installed.
    08-16-2010 09:01 AM
  4. bigbud7's Avatar
    Guys thx for ur answers the solution was just to upgrade the carrier settings from itunes some things r so simple but till u get to them u go up the mountain find nothing and when u go down there u are...
    08-16-2010 11:34 AM
  5. bigbud7's Avatar
    well its funny but the prob is up again so that update carrier didnt do the miracle maybe there is another way but god knows how to find it looool
    08-16-2010 04:07 PM