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    iphone 3gs
    FW:4.01 New Bootrom jail broken by jailbreakme.com
    did it before 4.02 release by Apple

    My setting was crashing so I decide to re-update to same 4.01 FW to fix the problem, the update went successfully..after reboot did the jailbeakme.com again the download progress was complete the safari crashed(when it suppose to say "sit tight")and its been crashing ever since. As a result I lost Cydia and all of its installed apps along with "Open SSh" and ability to use Winscp or terminal,however all other apps that were already installed including the cra.. one are still working and the apple boot logo still shows the missing pixel like when it was jail-broken.
    pre confusing hope someone would have an idea what could be the problem or solution.
    08-13-2010 11:30 PM