1. Shlov1's Avatar
    I've been looking for some good themes for my I4 and I came acros the illumine theme and I really like it. the problem is I can't find it in Cydia. I have found a bunch of Illumine theme add ones such as Background badge, chat bubbles, lockscreen, but not the theme itself. Can anyone help?

    Also, I've been using ultimate chrome, but it has changed the sounds for email, lockscreen, etc and also will no longer let me use my lockscreen wallpaper. Is there a way to change these settings? Thanks.
    08-13-2010 08:43 AM
  2. rdiddy_25's Avatar
    The dev pulled illumine from cydia bc TOO many people were stealing his icons and passing them off as there own in their themes. I forget right now which site he has it uploaded to for sale. As for the other ? make sure u have user lockscreen checked and above the theme on winterboard and the should fix it. If not, u may have to ssh ur lockscreen wallpaper into that folder in the theme for it to work.
    08-13-2010 09:34 AM
  3. LVCIFER's Avatar
    Send a tweet to @_iKon on Twitter. That's the developer of iLLumine. Ask him for the link. It hasn't been updated for the iPhone 4 or the Retina Display yet.
    08-19-2010 07:23 AM