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    I jailbroke my iPhone 4 running the latest firmware and have noticed some strange things and was wondering if it was related or not.

    1) Every so often internet via 3g and voice stop working. The call will look like its being place, but nothing happens. Even ending the call takes forever and a half. Data via 3g just stops as well. I get the progress indicator, but nothing happens. Wi-Fi does continue to work. I need to reboot the phone for it to work.

    2) I am using Bell Canada (not the best i know!) and if i travel via metro, the phone has no signal, which is normal. however, When i get back above ground, it either takes forever to get a signal back or it never does. the other night 30min after i got out i noticed the phone still said no signal. I had to reboot the phone and all was fine again. That being said, even when i go to a dead zone, it takes a long time for it to regain its signal again, or other times it tells me i have 1 bar left, but if i call the phone it will go to voicemail.

    3) When i boot my phone i see the apple in the apple in the center, but on the top i see a partial row of snow. like maybe 1 inch across it looks like a single whitish line going across the screen. (this happened immediately after the jailbreak).

    4) I have winterboard installed (i think it installs auto via Cydia) and no matter what theme i choose (and reboot after) nothing happens. Nothing looks different.

    5) I am lucky to get an entire day out of my battery. Sometimes i can be in an app and literally watch the battery meter drop like 1% every few minutes.

    I am wondering if either the jailbreak via jailbreakme.com failed somehow or if what i mentioned has anything to do with jailbreaking at all.

    The jailbreak seemed to work ok. It gave me no errors and said it was complete. If i try to go back to jailbreakme.com agin it tells me that the installer crashed the last time i tried to jailbreak.

    I could restore the phone to try, but that means loosing my settings for my IPA games and other apps that i use. I suppose it is not a big deal to try, but i am more curious than anything else.

    Thanks for any info
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