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    What apps that can access the file system (possibly even via a remote computer) are currently compatible with iOS4?

    I am using Chronus to make a backup of a few of my apps because I want to restore and redo the jailbreak. I have run into a few issues after many installs and uninstalls during the first few days of the iOS4 jailbreak, that now when I install apps that previously worked, I get the "Sad iPhone" icon at the lock screen. I wanna try things with a clean slate this time, but would like to use Chronus to backup my SMS, Phone and a few other apps before I do the wipe.

    Any help would be great.

    PS: I have done a search for SSH on the forums, but it returns "search too short, SSH was removed from search".

    PPS: nevermind, found OpenSSH on Cydia, but it didn't prompt for a Reboot of the device. after a reboot, SSH activated.
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