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    OK, so I'm new to forums and that, but...
    A few weeks ago, I got the 4.0 update. Disapointed with the lack of features for an 8GB touch, I decided to downgrade to 3.1.2 and jailbreak with blackra1n. It was good for a while but it was to slow and it was tethered, so I decided to go back to official, non jailbroken 4.0 software. My iPod is an MC model so I had a bit of trouble jailbreaking, since I couldn't use redsn0w. But, within minutes of updating my iPod, I (this may be wrong) that with sn0wbreeze 1.7, I could jailbreak a 4.0 MC model by updating to sn0wbreeze's jailbroken 4.0 firmware from a jailbroken 3.1.2. So I tried to downgrade my iPod to 3.1.2 (with the same .ispw file I used before) but I got an unknown error. I read around and it seems that the apple/cydia/whatever restore verification servrer is down, but people said you can tell apple to use a local verification server, made by you. Can you tell me how to do these things if not just how to downgrade back to 3.1.2. Thanks!
    07-26-2010 04:01 AM

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