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  1. IGoSlo's Avatar
    Upgraded my iPhone's to OS4 and just began messing around customizing. Has anyone created Individual backgrounds for "individual" Folders? I can create my own backgrounds and folder icons, but I'm wishing to create "individual" Folder backgrounds and icons. In other words:
    Folder #1. Tools (unique background and Icon for Tools)
    Folder #2. Wi_Fi (unique background and Icon for Wi_Fi)
    Folders#3. Quick Call Contacts (unique backgorund and Icon for Quick Call Contact
    07-13-2010 07:14 PM
  2. jdavis530's Avatar
    As fat as I know that's not possible. Or else it would have been a feature that was shown off more before the release of ios4
    07-13-2010 09:15 PM
  3. macharborguy's Avatar
    there ARE a few jailbreak apps that "supposedly" bring back the 4.0 BETA folder icons and backgrounds, and another that makes them look wooden, but I cannot seem to get them to work.

    it will happen eventually
    07-14-2010 12:09 AM
  4. IGoSlo's Avatar
    I have created a few of my own. When my wife gives me my "i" back I'll upload a few screen shots. They're easily created and SSH'ed. BUT I'm still working on "individual" Folders. I kind of like to stray away from the commercial apps. I tend to enjoy my own creations. More or less it's a challenge... just to see if I can do it.
    It's a truck driver thing.... Sittin' around the BS table showing off what one can do. It's somethimes comical at the reactions I get when they compare my iPhone to their's and seeing the features not on a "Apple" box.
    07-14-2010 07:28 AM
  5. jdavis530's Avatar
    Keep us updated on your progress.
    07-14-2010 09:40 AM
  6. IGoSlo's Avatar
    Well,here are a few Folders I have been able to create. Again, What I would Like to do is have Individual Folder Icons. Is anyone else working on this project. If so, Please share your advances. Good Day, added a few new snaps. I'm sure a few of you have figured this trick out... Thanx
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    07-17-2010 11:03 AM
  7. rdiddy_25's Avatar

    Looks good. Keep up the good work.
    07-17-2010 03:58 PM