1. cosmokid's Avatar
    I have a jailbroken, not unlocked, 3G. I upgraded to an iPhone 4 but still wanted to use my 3G as an iTouch. The day after I got my new iPhone, my 3G was stuck looping on the Apple logo.

    I held down power and home and connected it to iTunes, put it in recovery mode, but it will not recover. I held down shift and chose to use .ipsw 3.13. I get error message 9 which says its some type of USB error. I used a different USP cable and a different USB port and still nothing.

    As a desperate move I also tried "update and restore" to 4.0 and that didn't work either.

    I had planned on turning my 3G back on since my iPhone for is such a POS that wont stay on a call. Even if I can't do that I would like to use my 3G as a Touch.
    07-13-2010 10:44 AM