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    Recently upgraded my 3GS 32GB to the iPhone 4. Now i'm trying to sell the 3GS and I can't seem to restore it no matter what I try. It was jailbroken with blackra1n awhile ago and haven't plugged it into my computer in awhile.

    First off it took a couple tries before my iphone was even detected in iTunes. Got the error "iTunes could not connect to iPhone because an unknown error occurred (0xE8000065)" alot!. When I finally got it connected I tried restoring it to 3.1.2 (the current version on the phone now) and got error 3194. Tried 3.1.3 and 4.0 with the same result.

    Then I read an article on Saurik's website about adding a line to the host file for apple signatures. I added the line and tried restoring with all three of the different ipsw restores and all of them give me the 1611 error. I've tried them all in recovery mode and DFU and nothing seems to work.

    PLEASE HELP ME!!! I've read some people saying that you have to replace the battery but I wanna leave this as a last resort option.

    Thanks for any help!
    Feel free to ask for any info I haven't given

    07-07-2010 12:58 AM
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    So... after all my searching on the internet and trying various methods to restore this iphone i've been unsuccessful. Then I just decided to try restoring it on my laptop which is the original computer is was activated on and jailbroken on... And I FINALLY GOT IT TO RESTORE!!!! (restored to 3.1.3)

    I guess it was assumed that I was on the same computer and not a different one trying to restore it. Did not see that advice anywhere! Hope this helps someone that's in my situation. Now its time to hit up ebay!
    07-07-2010 03:21 AM