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    Is there any way to itemize a back up or something?*

    I've got two full years worth of data I would rather not lose. Tons of important notes, book marks, etc...

    I have an issue...

    My 3G was jailbroken. I performed a back up of that thinking iTunes would just ignore the jailbroken parts. For the most part it did.*

    On my 3G I used categoriesSB to organize into folders. When I did that, my phone made 5 pages of invisible icons. If you click on the icons an about:blank webpage opens up. If you tried to delete them they would disappear for a while and then randomly come back. They would come back for sure if you added an app.*

    When I restored my iPhone 4 with my 3G data I got the blank apps with it. I went through and deleted them all and organized the existing apps into new folders then performed a new back up.*

    Everything seemed fine. Then out of the blue 5 pages of blank apps show up again. UGH! *The weird thing too is the fact that I cant delete them in iTunes. iTunes let's me select them but not delete them!

    How can I keep all my important info and get rid of thus annoying side effect?!?

    06-25-2010 10:34 PM
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    Okay so after a bit of research I've come up with a few possible solutions.*

    First it appears this problem started because of one of two things.

    1) There are certain themes you load through winterboard that may cause the issue. (Think iNav)

    2) iBlank. Apparently iBlank has some issue with "letting go" of it's icons, even after deleting the app.*

    So I think I have a couple of choices. First I can just ignore it until we jailbreak ios4 on iPhone 4.*

    Here's what I think I will try. *I am going to go back to my 3G and try to delete my iBlank's icons through iBlank. Then uninstall iBlank. Or SSH ino my 3G and remove all the webclips from their directory.*

    After that I'll perform a backup on my 3G. Then restore from that backup on my iPhone 4.*

    Do you guys think that would work?
    06-26-2010 10:39 PM