1. DJYoungDirty's Avatar
    Ok. So I got my 3GS jailbroken with iOS4!!

    Just for the record, I HAD PREVIOUSLY USED SPIRIT ON 3.1.3, I just used redsn0w to go to 3.1.2 first, the used new pwnagetool.

    Anyway, everything works decent, but my multitasking. When I double tab from the home screen, everything moves up, but the bar at the bottom where the running apps should be is blank black.

    When I double-tap in pandora (or any other app) it does nothing! I can tap once and leave pandora and it will stay running, but I can't gentle switcher to come up.

    Any ideas???

    06-22-2010 11:32 PM
  2. NickFL2011's Avatar
    What, if any JB apps do you have installed currently?

    Also, can you walk us through the steps you did to get to being jailbroken on iOS4?

    I'm currently jailbroken on 3.1.3 using spirit like you were. Did you restore in DFU mode back to 3.1.2, and then upgraded to iOS4 followed by JB with the new pwnagetool?

    Did you try iOS4 multitasking before you jailbroke it? What I'm worried about is these JB apps and such all need to be updated to work with ios4, had a bad experience of updating once and a JB app didn't play nice and had to restore and lost some data.
    06-23-2010 02:18 AM