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    Okay, I'm not a tech person, before last night knew nothing about OS 3.1.3 or OS 4 or even iTunes 9.1

    I jailbroke my iPod Touch 3G using Spirit. Very easy procedure, single click of a button. All is fine, I got themes, tweeks, all that stuff.

    Then BOOM!!!! Apple decides to unveil OS 4 the very next day. But before all that, I realized Skype would not work on my device with the jailbreak. It said "The current version of Skype will not work with modified firmware 3.0" or something. I use Skype for business. I missed 3 important calls so far today.

    I decided to restore my iPod back to original settings and say bye-bye jailbreak. One problem, Apple wouldn't let me. They said my device was not authorized for some firmware, I forget exactly what it said.

    I downloaded the latest version of iTunes and OS 4. I have yet to install it on my device, I'm scared actually. I don't care about losing the jailbreak, I'm fine with that. But I'm afraid Apple will detect my device has been altered and during the update to OS 4 process, something will go wrong.

    Here are my concerns:

    Can I update to OS 4 with no problems with my jailbroken iTouch 3G? I don't care about losing the jailbreak.
    If I do encounter any problems, are there any quick fixes? Are other people reporting problems updating to OS 4?

    PLEASE IF YOU CAN HELP ME .. I'd very much appreciate it guys. You're positive response to my request is greatly appreciated.
    06-21-2010 08:01 PM
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    You're fine, if you're not worried about completely restoring your iTouch, and thus losing your jailbreak... To the best of my knowledge, if you do a full restore (and then install iOS 4), you should be back at square one and Apple's none the wiser about anything you did...
    06-21-2010 08:26 PM
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    IMPORTANT: Since you are jailbroken, do not use the UPDATE button in iTunes. There have been some reported problems. You need to start with a clean install. I was jailbroken and these are the steps I followed:

    1. Sync your phone so you have a backup.
    2. Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes.
    3. DO NOT USE THE UPDATE button to upgrade your phone to 4.0........use the RESTORE button instead.
    4. After iOS4 has downloaded and installed on your phone, you will have the option of setting up as a new phone or restore from a backup.

    If you want to keep your app settings, email, contacts, etc, restore from the backup and NOT as a new phone. Hope this helps.
    06-21-2010 08:29 PM
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    Awesome, that's exactly what I did. Downloaded 9.2 then the OS 4. I'm currently "Restoring and Updating" rather then just updating to OS 4. It's backing my system up now, and it's taking forever.

    That is a huge relief let me tell ya. I've had the iPhone 3G and iTouch 2G both had software problems and needed to be sent back to Apple for diagnostics and repair. Both times, they drilled me on how this could have came to be. Luckily, neither were jail broken and they sent me replacement devices. I am reading where, if a device has been altered, it voids out and existing warranty. Scary stuff. I have my iTouch 3G (the one I am asking about today) on a secondary warranty with Square Trade. Not sure how they would handle a jailbroken device that has been problematic, but I'm sure they are not as stringent as Apple.

    I loved the jailbreak, I really did. I got some great themes, cool tweaks and some random stuff that made it VERY customized to my personality and style. I loved that, it's what I'll miss. See, Skype would not work with the jailbreak, it said my device has been altered and it's not compatible. Otherwise, if Skype worked, I would have stayed jailbroken. But this OS4 does seem amazing, it's basically allowing us to do most of cydia allows (beside themes and free stuff) and a few tweaks. But either way, as long as I can multi task and have folders, I'm good to go.

    You know what I fail to understand? Why Apple will not allow us to have themes in the app store. That succeeds to escape me, they are a money machine. They know we are doing this, some of the workers probably have thier devices JB'd with themes lol. They should allow users to "create" themes or buy say 3 pre-made themes 99 cents or whatever, it can be negotiated. I should really be telling Apple this lol.

    But yeah.. THANKS you two. Life savers.
    06-21-2010 08:55 PM
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    There is an update to mobilesubstrate in cydia now that fixes the skype problem.
    08-04-2010 04:58 AM
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    There is an update to mobilesubstrate in cydia now that fixes the skype problem.
    Way to bring back a month and a half old thread....
    08-04-2010 10:44 AM
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    Way to bring back a month and a half old thread....
    This thread was linked to in a different thread as an example. He's just trying to help...
    08-04-2010 05:19 PM