1. Shlov1's Avatar
    OK, so I, along with tons of others, plan to sell my 3gs in order to get the new 4. I am jailbroken with Spirit. What is the best way to wipe everything and sell it. I just want to make sure everything is off of there. Should I go through settings->general->reset? Or do I restore as a new phone through Itunes? I'm not too concerned with leaving the jailbreak and selling it that way, since I am more concerned about completely wiping it for security. Is there any thing I need to worry about since I am jailbroken? Like will it crash doing a reset?

    Then again if I do a reset, will that wipe everything (email accounts, calendars, apps, itunes login, etc.) but leave it jailbroken? What is the best way? Thanks.
    06-11-2010 08:41 AM
  2. rdiddy_25's Avatar
    Ur best bet is to do a restore thru iTunes. That will completely wipe the device and put it back to factory settings, as if right out of the box. Then u can rejailbreak with www.spiritjb.com. Hope this helps.
    06-11-2010 09:06 AM
  3. jeffskent's Avatar
    I'm also thinking about selling my 3gs and getting an iPhone 4. I would think that a factory reset would be best. Wouldn't the new owner want to jailbreak it himself? I think that if I were to buy an used iPhone I would want to reset every thing to factory specs, and then modify it as I wanted. If I didn't have the necessary knowledge to do so, then what am I doing trusting someone else with my phone, contacts, email, and possibly even financial data? Just asking
    06-11-2010 12:03 PM
  4. big9erfan's Avatar
    If you are on 3.1.2 and jailbroken, the real appeal is the fact that the phone is unlockable as well.
    06-11-2010 12:07 PM
  5. matthew23's Avatar
    Hopefully the Dev Team will have released the unlock for 3.1.3 around the time of iPhone 4's release though...
    06-11-2010 02:51 PM