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    Woke up this morning, forgot to charge my iPhone & the screen was black. After charging for awhile the connect to itunes logo appeared & I did like I alway's do. After plugging into my PC, I cancelled update then closed iTunes. Then when I click blackra1n & make it rain, the blackra1n logo appears but I do not get the familiar double vibrate/reboot. It just goes black again & will not reboot. Does anyone know how to fix this? I thought about restoring to my backup from before jailbreak but iTunes does not recognize my iPhone, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, =)
    06-09-2010 11:33 PM
  2. rdiddy_25's Avatar
    It's b/c u are on a tethered jb. If u don't need to be unlocked, just do a restore in iTunes to 3.1.3 and jb with Spirit. Then u won't be tethered anymore
    06-10-2010 07:05 AM
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    Do you mean upgrade to 3.1.3.? or restore to my backup of 3.1.2. from before I jailbroke? Then run spirit? I have shsh's on file with Cydia because I checked make my life easier in the beginning but when I connect my iPhone to my PC, when iTunes opens it say's "iTunes MUST check the iPhone software update server to identify this device" check or cancel? What do I do?
    06-10-2010 12:35 PM
  4. kropfi's Avatar
    I think you hit check, don't quote me on that though but if your having problems re-jailbreak it (using spirit) Use spirit because Blackra1n doesn't have untethering for iPhone Or iPod touch 3Gs and if your running the 3.1.3 firmware use spirit to its untethered so you can turn your iPod on/off
    06-10-2010 03:26 PM
  5. nillam1's Avatar
    Everything is perfect now, thanks for all that helped. I restored, updated to 3.1.3. then re-jailbroke with spirit! I can finally reboot my iPhone anytime, friggen awesome. HA-HA, =)
    06-11-2010 06:10 PM
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    Now u need to update your sig
    06-11-2010 06:17 PM
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    Now u need to update your sig
    LOL, thanks! I did not even think about that. :o
    06-11-2010 06:26 PM
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    Now u need to update your sig
    Updated, SHIBBY!!!!! DOH, LMFAO. Thanks, Iphueria. Who know's how long it would have taken me too notice. U, D-man.
    06-11-2010 06:30 PM
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    OMG, it feels so good being able to reboot my iPhone anytime! SPIRIT, rules!!!!!!!!!
    06-11-2010 06:47 PM