1. i_phone07's Avatar
    my friend jb her phone, when she would lock it a different pic would show on her lockscreen this happened every time and i thought it was cool. i just dont know the name of the app does anyone know the name? Thanks in advance
    06-03-2010 04:04 PM
  2. dragonc12's Avatar
    I believe that's Bosspaper
    06-03-2010 04:08 PM
  3. i_phone07's Avatar
    let me try it and see it is that one. thanks for the quick reply
    06-03-2010 04:20 PM
  4. i_phone07's Avatar
    No. this only changes the wallpaper not the lockscreen unless i dont know how to do it
    06-03-2010 06:27 PM
  5. Hack-My-i's Avatar
    There are several different Themed apps that does this... i had one that switches exotic sports cars on my lockscreen every time i switched it off/on
    06-03-2010 07:01 PM
  6. i_phone07's Avatar
    can you name some of them so i can try them. the one she had would switch her own pics. thanks
    06-04-2010 12:11 AM
  7. Hack-My-i's Avatar
    ohhhh her own pix! thats pretty cool... I took my Theme off and dont remember what it was called, sry
    06-04-2010 10:52 AM
  8. i_phone07's Avatar
    it's cool. i shall keep on searching it haha thanks though. ill hit you up on fb
    06-04-2010 02:00 PM
  9. Hack-My-i's Avatar
    ok kool, i was looking for it but couldnt find the one u was talkin about... have u tried asking your friend?>
    06-04-2010 02:07 PM