1. humanmusic's Avatar
    All the programs but that one is working. I got asl.dll and put in the right folder. Anything else I need to do? Error says "the procedure entry point asl_add_log_file could not be located in the dynamic link library ASL.dll"
    05-29-2010 08:39 PM
  2. humanmusic's Avatar
    I have win7 64bit which uses a dif version of itunes. Apparently I cant use the normal asl.dll that blackra1n uses....any fix for this so I can use blackra1n?
    05-29-2010 08:58 PM
  3. humanmusic's Avatar
    I also have a usb driver issue. Computer wont recognize iphone but used to.
    05-29-2010 09:01 PM
  4. humanmusic's Avatar
    just did a computer restore so its working again but still have the blackra1n problem
    05-29-2010 09:44 PM
  5. Alli's Avatar
    If you don't need to unlock, just use Spirit. If you need to continue using Blackra1n, you will need to do the iTunes fix availble from ihatesn0w.com.
    05-30-2010 10:51 AM