1. flawww's Avatar
    When i click on Make it ra1n about 5 seconds later something pops up Send Error Report or Dont send error report.


    Also its a little box.

    And when i click back on make it ra1n says not responding then when i push Dont send it Closes the program
    04-03-2010 01:49 PM
  2. flawww's Avatar
    Please help somebody ill give you $5 through paypal
    04-03-2010 01:58 PM
  3. Alli's Avatar
    What iPhone are you using, 3G/3GS? What firmware do you have, 3.1.2/3.1.3? Which version of iTunes are you using - did you upgrade to 9.1?
    04-03-2010 03:36 PM
  4. big9erfan's Avatar
    It has nothing to do with the phone, that's a windows crash report.

    You likely don't have the proper runtimes installed.

    What OS are you running, and what version of iTunes?
    04-03-2010 05:28 PM
  5. LVCIFER's Avatar
    Keep your $5 and answer their/our questions.

    Schmuck. *shakes head*
    04-04-2010 10:06 PM
  6. samdeja's Avatar
    i have the same problem!! every time i click "make it ra1n" it comes up with that window.. i've clicked "don't send" and "send error report" and neither of them make a difference..
    i'm using windows XP..
    any solutions anyone???
    grrrr it's so annoying.. been trying to jailbreak for 2days now..
    04-26-2010 06:08 PM
  7. dragonc12's Avatar
    okay guys really...its awfully helpful if you answer all the questions so we can try to help you out. which iPhone are you using (2G, 3G / 3G[S]), which firmware (3.1.2 or 3.1.3) and which version of itunes?

    line big9er fan said, what you are getting s the WINDOWS crash report, meaning that blackra1n is crashing every time you try to run it. there's a good chance that you need to download the blackbreeze dll patch to fix it.

    but we need more info before we can make that determination
    04-26-2010 06:13 PM
  8. reynard1995's Avatar
    I have the 2g and running itunes 9.2.1. and iwas in the process of updating my iphone 2g to 3.1.2 when i needed to activate it again . and im trying to use blackra1n.
    07-26-2010 11:22 PM
  9. Alli's Avatar
    reynard, is there a question in there somewhere?
    07-27-2010 08:30 AM