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    Hello. I have a jailbreaked iPhone in recovery mode. Four days ago I had a flight and I shutted it off for safety.(Not in airplane mode). After a few days I redone the jailbreak(Blackra1n) to open it but my Wi-fi couldn't find my network. I restored the Network Settings and then I reopened it by jailbreaking again, then it stucked in a screen with a man and some iPhones for a few minutes. Then I rebooted it and I ran the jailbreak program. After a bit the OS opened but in the lockscreen had a photo of a dead iPhone. I restarted the SpringBoard and the extensions were working normally I went to the Settings to open Wi-Fi and I saw that:

    I restored the network settings again but it stills. Please HELP!!
    01-07-2010 10:30 AM