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    ok had high hopes, just could not wait to unlock and use my vodafone sim but today i put it to test with my htc hero at work and the hero came on top in what really matters to me which is the signal or network. my place of work, is located in a spot were the network is very very very hard to reach. however, my htc hero, is the only phone that can work using ofcourse vodafone uk. but today, i decided to use my iphone with the vodafone sim, but it just could not catch even a single bar of network, and yet my htc hero, does work, i can use the internet on it. so whats the problem with the iphone is it true then that the htc hero has better signal or my iphone is defective, because my hero does work in my office but not my iphone, and i am concerned because for me the signal does matter as i have to be accessible all the time as i work in the medical field, and yes i have a bleep but for my friends and family to reach me on my phone, the iphone was bitten by the hero, so whats your take on this, should i take it to apple so they can check my signal strength, bearing in mind no other phone works in my office apart from my hero.
    01-06-2010 06:08 PM