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  1. g1r_g3n1us's Avatar
    Hey I jailbroke a phone a few minutes ago, and it went through kinda bad. Had to hard reset, and put into dfu, restore, then rejailbreak to work.. it was a 2g.

    Well I then did a backup restore of all their data, since I cant do a normal restore, without having to rejailbreak. And pretty much everything syncd over fine..

    now the phones not saving any new contacts.. I can go through the (+) and add it, but doesnt actually save them into the list.. I dont want to restore. All the apps will lose their data, and that cannot happen. Can i ssh into phone and replace contacts.db with original?

    Id rather not lose data on the phone. contacts < app data, but all the same, over 250 contacts on the phone..
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    01-06-2010 11:44 AM
  2. lungho's Avatar
    I experienced this exact same problem last month. I could not find a definitive answer other than this "bug" existed in both jailbroken and non-jailbroken phones. I ended up having to restore as a new phone (not using a backup), re-jailbreaking, and then restoring all of my pics and contacts.

    Contacts were easy to restore because I use Google Sync. However I had to take screenshots of my notes and then manually save the pics in the camera roll to my desktop. And since I restored as a new phone, I lost all my app settings and progress in non-online games.

    Yes I know, quite annoying but it had to be done. Maybe somebody else will have a better alternative for you.
    01-06-2010 03:32 PM
  3. g1r_g3n1us's Avatar
    yeah. whats weird is i can restore her pictures, but i delete addressbook.sqlite and it restores the address book to blank, but when I save my name and number in there my picture comes up :O

    The owner is just being lazy. and I started using activesync but havent seen it start to backup my contacts.. how does that work?

    **How I fixed this ridiculous issue:
    OK so. I was fxcuk round in the loaner iphone that doesnt save jack, and ended up fixing this issue. What I was doing was replacing AddressBook.sqlite with the backup from a previous restore (as i mentioned the jailbreak went horrible, there were tears and blood and ..justa mess)

    well I went ahead and replaced both of them then did these things:

    1. syncd contacts to mac (you can do it with windows too ya f00s!)
    and on a side bar here, it actually synced my contacts successfully even though it gave me an error that "iTunes could not dadadadada because the iPhone stopped this bullspit" or along those lines. Just keep going!!! the end is near!!!

    2. sshed into phone root "/"
    3. navigated /private/var/mobile/Library
    4. opened AddressBook
    5. deleted AddressBook.sqlite and AddressBookImages.sqlite
    6. unplugged (i use iphone explorer) phone and plugged it back in (just because)
    7. Resynced with iTunes successfully on first go, had all the contacts.. could edit old and create new haha and pat self on back!

    worked like a charm.
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    01-07-2010 11:04 PM