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    So I'm currently deployed and I'm having issues with jb/unlock. I used
    Blackra1n to do both and it worked fine. I switched out the SIM card to a local carrier which also works fine. What doesn't work is that when I'm on a call, the phone hangs up every 30mins exactly and I have to call back. It's not just my phone that has the prob, but a coworker who also JB/Unlocked is having the same issue. Those who bought the local phones and SIM cards are not having that problem. Just thought I would ask if anyone has any idea. Thanks
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    12-31-2009 12:48 PM
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    Whenever using an unlocked iPhone, especially overseas, it's always a good bet to use the local SIM cards and carriers. As far as the 30 minutes, I have no idea what to tell you, because I'm in NYC and we have some ofthe worst cell service out there. I can't have a THREE minute phone call without getting dropped.

    Good luck on finding the answers that you seek.
    12-31-2009 01:33 PM