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    I currently own a 3g. The AT&T service at my workplace is horrendous. It's becoming almost necessary to switch over to t-mobile, which has perfect service at my workplace. I am reluctant to give up my iPhone for a blackberry on t-mobile.

    I'm not interesteD in all the exotic features that are offered with jailbreaking. I just want a reliable phone that works well on the Internet.

    Would I benefit from a simple unlock and ruinng my iPhone 3g on t-mobile? Will it be reliable? A couple years back I jailbroke my phone and added various features such as a video camera. My phone was just a mess afterwards. It always crashed and froze up. I never want to deal with that again. The phone just seems to get screwy whenever it was jailbroken. Is it less screwy with just a basic unlock for t-mobile?

    Will my phone be reliable, secure to use on t-mobile?
    12-28-2009 01:40 PM
  2. Tramain's Avatar
    You can't just unlock a 3G iPhone, I think the current jailbreak is more stable than last versions.

    PS: You won't be able to use T-Mobile 3G service with a Unlocked iPhone.
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    12-28-2009 01:49 PM
  3. HAVOKID's Avatar
    You just have to watch what your installing on your phone. Crashes do occur but my phone never froze up. It all depends how much stuff your adding to your phone and running all at the same time. Remember, the 3G's ram isn't no where as good as the 3GS. Now, most of the jailbroken apps come from more reliable sources where they test each one and lets you know which versions it works best on.

    As for unlocking it, you still have to jailbreak it to unlock it obviously. Just run RC4 from blackra1n and hit Unlock Snow rather than installing Cydia or Rock since you want to keep the simplicity of a stock iPhone. You will still be able to use your phone, SMS, and internet but remember, the T-Mobile 3G speeds won't apply to your phone. You'll just be running on they're Edge network which I don't think is any better than AT&T's Edge speed. If you want it for voice quality, go for it, but don't expect a quick internet browsing experience now that you'll be on T-Mobile. But at least you'll have your Wi-Fi for that (or at least you'll be in an area with a fast free Wi-Fi).
    12-28-2009 03:56 PM