1. gsmhacker's Avatar
    hello guys,
    i brought this iphone 3gs 32gb over ebay,
    the person who sold i using att until last day,

    now i got the iphone i restored to 3.1.2 it using latest itunes version
    then i inserted my tmobile sim in iphone
    and i used blackra1n for jailbreak my iphone, after JB everything is done i got black1rn icon on springborad and my wi-fi is working fine, so i installed cydia and snow, after all this i restarted my device, i have also install afc2add via cydia

    and now my iphone 3gs keep on searching for long time but no signal and at last no service, i put the same sim into my iphone 3g unlocked via same process is working fine but 3gs is not pls help thanks in advance
    12-24-2009 12:05 AM
  2. Tramain's Avatar
    Did it work before you restarted? If so you might have a tethered jailbreak. I'd suggest restoring as new and rejailbreaking to see if it works before you reboot.

    12-24-2009 04:37 AM
  3. flyingember's Avatar
    I don't think he/she unlocked the phone too even though he/she replied to this thread that tells how. or at least they didn't say for sure they did.

    12-24-2009 11:04 AM
  4. LVCIFER's Avatar
    In the OP, they say that they installed sn0w.

    Now the question is wether or notthey opened up the icon and RAN sn0w... :/
    12-24-2009 01:01 PM
  5. gsmhacker's Avatar
    i did unlock guys, i did installed cydia and snow and restarted my iphone, iphone run without any problem i mean wifi and ipod function just the network is not coming, it keeps on searching n searching n then no service

    the one thing i dont understand that i did this process on a iphone 3g and my 3g is unlocked and working fine with tmobile, but this new 3gs is nto working with same process help guys i didnt sleep from last 1 and half day beca i want this unlock thanks
    12-24-2009 01:30 PM
  6. LVCIFER's Avatar

    Don't download any firmwares from any sites. There's no need to even use PwnageTool right now either. Connect your 3G[s] to iTunes. (Hopefully, you're running the newest version of iTunes) When it asks you if you want to update your iPhone, SAY YES. This will erase any an all jailbreak and unlocks previously there. DON'T PANIC.

    Download and install the official firmware, 3.1.2 from iTunes.

    Go to blackra1n.com and download blackra1n.

    Now, after you restore from iTunes, when everything is about 98% done, it will ask you to insert the SIM card that came with your phone from AT&T. If you have AT&T, great. If you don't, a/k/a T-Mobile, INSERT THAT SIM CARD, and then follow these instructions.

    Open up blackra1n on your PC, and then click "Make it rain" and jailbreak your phone. This will also 'hacktivate' your phone with your alternate SIM card. (Note: follow directions at the end of this post to fix Push Notifications, YouTube and WiFi for hacktivated iPhones)

    YOU MAY NEED TO ATTEMPT THIS MULTIPLE TIMES FOR IT TO WORK CORRECTLY. Sometimes there are minor errors. Let it do it's thing. It is okay and even somewhat expected.

    Once blackra1n.app is installed to your springboard (a/k/a iPhone home screen), choose to install "sn0w"( a/k/a blacksn0w) from your iPhone. Once again, make sure it that you connect to WiFi first. It will be the only way you can install Cydia/Rock if you're not on AT&T.

    1) Open up the "blackra1n.app" on your iPhone.
    2) Tap on "sn0w" until a green check mark appears next to it.
    3) Tap "install".
    4) Watch for the splash screen telling you that it was successful.
    5) Turn your iPhone off.
    6) Insert your SIM card.
    7) Turn the iPhone back on.

    After installing sn0w, install Cydia.

    1) Open up the "blackra1n.app" on your iPhone.
    2) Tap on "Cydia" until a green check mark appears next to it.
    3) Tap "install".

    Cydia will ask you questions, and to update. Select "Graphical User", and "Update All". Let it restart and reboot. Once it does it's thing...

    If you have data or MMS problems with ANY carrier, you may want to google or wikipedia "iPhone APN Settings" to find a way to fix those issues. However, if the plan for the cell carrier SIM card you've inserted does not include data, then your Internet/e-Mail/maps/gps etc won't work. You will have to add data/MMS to that SIM cards plan for them to officially work.

    Voil. You're updated, jailbroken, and unlocked on the newest OS.

    For some, the new blackra1n HACKTIVATED jailbreak was causing problems with Wi-Fi, YouTube, and Push Notifications. Here is a quick guide on how to fix these problems.

    1. Go to Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings, then click "OK"
    2. Reboot your iPhone, when it comes back on WiFi should be fixed, but next time you reboot you have to do this again.

    YouTube and Push Notifications for "hacktivated" iPhones.

    1. Go to Cydia
    2. Tap Manage at the bottom
    3. Tap Sources
    4. Tap edit in the right hand corner
    5. Tap add.
    6. Type cydia.iphoneil.net
    7. Tap done
    8. Search for "PushFix" and tap on the first result
    9. Install then confirm
    10. Reboot your iPhone.
    12-24-2009 03:37 PM
  7. gsmhacker's Avatar
    thanks a lot for this gr8 guide i really apreciate that, but i guess my phone is has something wrong, i did all this but no luck, while installing push notification, the source is not responding some http error thas why, thanks i dont know what to do, i guess apple has made some changes to 3.1.2, but didnt changed the version, so that we dont come to know, and when i updated via apple it must have put something to phone
    12-24-2009 06:32 PM