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    ok, so is this normal? I flashed to 4.6 with boot-neuter after jailbreaking with Blackra1n. the phone went to sleep during the process, I immediately woke it up but it said it successfully flashed the baseband and something else...

    I exited boot-neuter and then went back to Boot-neuter to check the current settings and it locked on that screen. So I rebooted.

    when it came back up, I went to check cydia for some stuff and my wireless was off... so I went to wireless settings and it was greyed out, no options to select anything.

    I read about going to network settings resetting the network settings, so I did that, it rebooted and came back up.
    I had to reenter the wireless inf but the wireless worked fine, I went to cydia, looked at a few things, went to boot-neuter, verified the settings, exited the program and the wifi was gone...

    what the heck... did the fact that the phone went to sleep during the flash process cause this? or is this normal for an unlocked 1st gen with blackra1n and bootneuter???
    12-19-2009 01:32 AM
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    Did you try and reset network settings?
    12-19-2009 09:23 AM
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    yeah... I did try that.

    its in the first post... the trouble continued but was slightly different after resetting the network settings, before resetting network settings boot neuter would lock up and I would have to hard reboot the phone. afterwards it wouldnt lock up in the boot neuter app.

    seems like the wifi is really shaky once u run boot neuter... the wifi actually came back, but still greyed out the wifi settings so you cant see what network or what ip you are on...

    is that normal or because I screwed it up by letting the phone go to sleep while flashing it.
    12-20-2009 01:59 AM
  4. spsands's Avatar

    12-21-2009 09:30 PM
  5. LVCIFER's Avatar
    Yeah, you're screwed.

    it looks like you have one of the 5% of the iPhones that 3.1.2 screws up. It's not a jailbreak issue. It's an Apple issue with 3.1.2, called the grey WiFi. Google it so you can see that I'm not making it up.
    12-22-2009 02:18 AM