1. charlie1527's Avatar
    Hi all, im new to this thread but i have a huge problem and wondering if there are experts on this forum whom can help. Two days ago i was able to download new themes or add-ons go onto winterboard check em and the phone would reboot and apply the changes. As of yesterday this stopped working. If i install a new theme or new lockscreen from Cydia and check it on winterboard for it to be applied and exit the screen the phone is no longer rebooting nor applying the changes. I'm going nuts trying to figure it out and see if maybe i uninstalled something accidentally or something with the sbsettings. Can someone please help!! thank you
    12-18-2009 01:16 PM
  2. jglowe74's Avatar
    in winterboard, ensure you have checked and moved those new changes to the top of the winterboard listing. if that doesn't solve it, you may have to either reinstall winterboard or je-jailbreak. i was having issues like a couple months ago and eventually just re-JB. solved everything for me. good luck
    12-18-2009 04:22 PM
  3. charlie1527's Avatar
    I appreciate the response but that isn't the problem. I know in order for any theme or sms theme or any add on to take effect or be applied it must be at the top in specific order. I was doing that previously but it still isn't rebooting. I just re-jailbroke so i had to update the firmware using itunes then used blackrain to jailbreak but it is still not applying any themes or add-ons via winterboard. Frustrating the hell out of me.
    12-18-2009 11:39 PM
  4. jglowe74's Avatar
    that is weird. you said you re-JB. but have you done a restore? i know, i know. i hate doing them too. but 9 out of 10 times they just work. my suggestion would be to try a restore and then re-JB. and as a time saver, if you have lots of music/videos/photos on your iPhone, don't restore them until later (i'm sure you know how to deselect them in iTunes). then you can restore and re-JB and see if your problem's been fixed without having to sit and wait for an hour or so while all that data is loaded. saved me some time (and headaches).
    12-19-2009 09:21 AM
  5. charlie1527's Avatar
    It has been fixed. Thank you for the help. I did do a restore and jailbroke the phone using blackrain. Went with Rock as opposed to Cydia because it's faster but after downloading all the apps i had again winterboard was still not working. It was only after i started testing winterboard out after every app i downloaded that i realized the app 'Backgrounder' was causing winterboard not to work. I uninstalled it and has been working fine ever since.
    12-19-2009 09:37 PM