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    I've jail broken my 3GS twice times since I got it.

    Everything goes OK for a while (say 4-5 weeks), then a problem arises where it gets very laggy when typing in a name to send a new email to (like 2-3 secs per letter). And if you need to backspace, the delete button pretty much seizes up. It becomes a pain after a while having to live with so I jb again, but that also is pain to reset everything. The problem does not arise with the SMS app (ie typing a name out)

    This problem has happened both times. I am not sure if it is function of the jailbreaks app I have running or something else. Has anyone seen this problem and know a solution or what apps to avoid? Or is it a problem that "builds up" over time?

    I have had the usual suspects (Backgrounder, winterboard, sbsettings) and also Reminder, Intelliscreen, myprofiles, aTimeTool, biteSMS and Inspell. I had dropped Intelliscreen along the way cause i had heard bad things about it, but problem still arose.

    any ideas?
    12-15-2009 09:13 PM