1. Hack-My-i's Avatar
    so im just chilling here at work, i grabbed my iphone and i slid the slide to unlock and noticed it wasnt moving so i knew then and their that my iPhone has froze up on me. So i did a hard reset and now its frozen on the apple logo. Now i have to wait 8 long hours until i get home, put my phone into DFU mode and restore/ reJB. This really really sucks!!!!! What causes this damn device to just freeze up out of no where????? Im really getting sick and tired of all this JBing issues. Im debating if i should JB again or just leave it as is...
    12-15-2009 01:55 PM
  2. BLiNK's Avatar
    also the unfortunate thing about jailbreaking is when stuff like that happens we are quick to blame the JB,
    when it could be not even related at all.
    hope you get it worked out.
    12-15-2009 01:58 PM
  3. Greenchunks's Avatar
    Why not download blackra1n on your computer at work, then you can fix issues like this is they do come up. And I concur about being quick to blame the jailbreak. My 3G service was being all wacky last week, and I was upset that my jailberak had ruined something, but then I found out the next day it was an AT&T issues for all 3G data.
    12-15-2009 02:19 PM
  4. Hack-My-i's Avatar
    because i cant DL on this work comp...im blaming the JB because i have never heard of anyones non-JB iPhone freeze
    12-15-2009 03:33 PM
  5. MGTrader's Avatar
    Well. I totally understand. I am a pretty new JBer (about 2 months) and it took me about 5 weeks to jam up my phone enough to have to DFU restore. Yeah, it sucks.

    So I thought long and hard before JBing again. I made some clear decisions before doing it again, the gist of which is: Only use the minimum of JB apps and themes I really want and no hacked apps.

    So, all I have now is maybe 90 regular apps plus:
    Cydia (of course)
    SBSettings (with some additional toggles)
    Pogoplank with Glaklart theme and a cool wallpaper (which I change when I am bored)
    Dim Delay (for my lockscreen)
    Auto Silence (which I really like)
    Boss Paper (for the wallpaper)

    Thats about it. No problems whatsoever. Before my JB phone went crazy a few weeks ago, I had 75 packages from Cydia. And I had tons of problems.

    If you can keep some restraint going, there is no reason not to have a peaceful and enjoyable relationship with JBing. Go crazy (like me) and you pay the price.

    Hope it helps.

    12-15-2009 03:40 PM
  6. Hack-My-i's Avatar
    ^ i agree with u 100%... im going to make sure i DONT DL "all sources" via cydia... its always giving me issues too
    12-15-2009 03:42 PM
  7. Hack-My-i's Avatar
    ok i did it all over again and its working fine once again...i give it another 3 months lol :P
    12-16-2009 12:22 PM
  8. Ipheuria's Avatar
    Well I think because there are so many different ways to do the process and so many different flavors of PCs as well as users. So it's hard to say if the method the tool or what the user then does with the phone afterwards is responsible. JB doesn't cause phone instability, I know that because I've had an iPhone since they first came out and my 2G and now 3G have been JB for every day that I have owned them. I have only needed to re-JB ONCE. I didn't need to do it right away either Winterboard was putting my phone into Safe Mode so once I uninstalled it my phone was fine so I just re-JB when the next firmware update was available and Winterboard worked once more. On my 2G in the years that I owned it frooze 5 times and after a reboot it worked fine. I have never had any other problems with my 3G other than the Winterboard problem I mentioned. Also remember the storage in the iPhone is flash memory, manufacturers are notorious for using different brands of memory so all iPhones may not be created eqaul.
    12-17-2009 09:26 AM
  9. Hack-My-i's Avatar
    ...all iPhones may not be created eqaul.
    i agree with this statement 110%!!!
    12-17-2009 12:48 PM