1. nickpav's Avatar
    well the vibrate switch on my phone somehow came loose, and if i press on my screen it activates. so im going to replace my iphone tomorrow at the apple store. however, its jailbroken and im not quite sure how to go about backing everything up. theres so much i have done to it, and i dont want to loose anything. will i have to repay for paid cydia apps again? or is it stored in my account like itunes? is there a backup app i need to use? help please
    12-14-2009 08:57 PM
  2. darksniper404's Avatar
    It wont make you pay again but if you want to keep all your apps so you don't have to go hunting for them download aptbackup, launch, click backup, backup your iPhone to iTunes, restore. When you want to restore your apps go back to cydia download aptbackup and click restore, it will restore all of your apps. Hope this helps.
    12-15-2009 05:34 PM