1. Greenchunks's Avatar
    So the last few days my iPhone has been a little strange when it comes to fully charging. Frequently it wont go to 100%, but will stay at 99% or even 98% sometimes for a long time and never reach 100%. This morning, when I woke up the battery was at 96% after having been left in all night, but then I opened up a battery meter app from the Appstore (not a JB app) which only shows in 5% increments, and that read 95%. However, after closing that , it started increasing again up to 99%, but not hitting 100%.

    Has anyone else experienced odd behavior like this?
    12-11-2009 04:50 PM
  2. msm0511's Avatar
    Mine acts up occasionally too. I just recalibrate the battery by letting it die completely and charge it til it says 100. I usually do that a for a couple of straight cycles once a month or so. It seems to help my battery meter working correctly. And I get better battery life that way.
    12-11-2009 05:36 PM
  3. LVCIFER's Avatar
    The only thing I've noticed is with my wife's 3G. It will "stick" at 100% for hours and hours of heavy use. I'll respring, and when I di it shows up something like 15 or 20%. Then I'll recharge an it seems to work fine.

    ALSO, on her 3G, if I plug in the charger, it will always jump 4%. Example: I'll have 40% energy. I'll plug charger in, and it's at 44%. This works all the time. If I unplug ten replugged, it will go from 44 to 48%. If I unplug and replugged, it will go from 48 a 52%. All within a minute.

    The only way I foud to fix this is to completely reboot the phone, and as a previous poster has said, charge to a full 100%. Once it's there, reboot again, and everything should be fine.

    But yes, I've noticed tons of battery problems with the 3G only though. On my 3G[s], I've never had any Issues at all. Ad I'm a super power-user. *chuckle*
    12-11-2009 05:49 PM