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    I have Mobile Terminal installed on my phone and Iphonebrowser installed on my computer. I downloaded the app that allows iphonebrowser to work with blackra1n jb'ed phones. I've changed my root folder password and mobile password.

    Now adding or deleting themes sees easy. But I need to enter a command prompt to fix itunes bookmark syncing issues I've been having and the quotes below are from a website that fixes this issue.

    iTunes could not sync bookmarks to the iPhone iPhone because the iPhone canceled the sync.

    (First, my iPhone is called iPhone.) What a cryptic message is that? This happened repeatedly, even if I tried to reset the bookmark sync. So, to cut to the chase, here is the fix:

    First you need a jailbroken phone (I dont think you will encounter this issue if you dont have a jailbroken phone but I could be wrong)
    You need to change the permissions on one file. To do that , you can either SSH or use a terminal app on your iPhone.
    The file is Bookmarks.plist which is located at: var/mobile/Library/Safari/
    The command that you can use via SSH or via a Terminal emulator on you iPhone (like Term-vt100) is chmod 0777 Bookmarks.plist
    Once you have changed the permissions to everyone writeable, you can sync again.

    Any help will be appreciated, unfortunately SSH is to small of a word to look for in the search feature.

    12-07-2009 01:46 PM
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    Check youtube
    12-07-2009 03:04 PM