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    I've been running 3.0 for a long time with no problem (BB 4.xx), and did an update (Cydia - forgot which), and ever since, the phone does not reliably work on TMobile (US). I've restored, reloaded, reultrasn0wed many many times. Got new sims from TM, still nothing. Now for the last 1.5 days, I've been playing with the new 3.1.2 and blackra1n / blacksn0w. Same thing - sometimes I get a TMobile network - but if it's there, it's only for a short minute+, then no service.

    Installing ATT sim, it works perfect. Apple store checked it out, and they agree it works fine (I had to lock it for them)...

    ANyone with any advise?

    I've been restoring, unistlalling balcksn0w, reinstalling etc etc
    12-04-2009 08:00 PM