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    I sell prepaid SIM cards and mobile advertising for the iPhone. Both have business opportunities. I am looking for a source for iphones or for unlocking iphones that may offer an affiliate or mlm opportunity to pass on ot my distributors. Any ideas?
    11-27-2009 03:17 PM
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    GTFO and stop trying to make money off inoccent customers trying to JB.
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    11-27-2009 03:36 PM
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    Why would I want to BUY your JB program when they are FREE on the internet. I understand the concept of "Capitolism", but in my opinion your Question and mineing has crossed the line. Unfortunately as W.C.Fields used to say..."There's a SUCKER" born every minute.
    11-28-2009 05:05 PM
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    See, now I know exactly why someone would want to purchase a jailbreak.

    Before I took the plunge, and decided to do it myself back when the first jailbreak for the 3G came out, I was so terrified that I would brick my iphonethat I was willing to pay the people on craigslist the $50 fee in order to 'properly' or 'professionally' jailbreak it without having anything go wrong. So ultimately, I see where these people can make money. It's all based on fear.
    11-28-2009 05:10 PM
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    Just curious LVCIFER, how does laying out a $50 or more FEE make it "Proper or Professional" ? I can name a number of things that are "FREE" and are Proper and Professional. Just look at Cydia and Rockmyphone ! I See where one's "FEAR" is a factor... I think that is covered in W.C."s Quote. MOST people DON"T investigate... They just DO IT... Whatever "IT" is... LOL
    11-28-2009 05:28 PM
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    The reason that if I paid their fee, it would be 'professional or proper' breaks down to one simple rule - if they brick it, they fix it, or give me a new phone. Lots of these people offer those guarantees, plus I'm a big, big dude involved in law enforcement, so I could reign down a world of sh*t on those people if they screwed me. *chuckle*
    11-28-2009 10:19 PM
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    There's almost no way to brick so you should go get your money back and try to get them in trouble for selling free open source programs.
    11-28-2009 11:12 PM
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    There's a LOT of "Illegal" activity that happens on craigs list and other internet sites. I really don't think you, 1 Small law enforcement officer can stop any of it. You may slow it down... But NEVER stop it. In fact they could cover their tracks so well that you would NEVER be able to TRACK them down. The profile of yourself in your post... It somewhat reminds me of that Actor Fishbone in a movie that was released over the summer (I Believe). Where he was a BIG BAD POLICE OFFICER and reigned down a lot of **** on his neighbor... LOL
    11-29-2009 05:42 AM
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    You're thinking about "Lakeview Terrace", with Samuel L Jackson. And I never said I was a police officer, guy. I said I work with law enforcement.

    And if you knew anything about law enforcement, then here goes - 1) because I work in LE, I COULD probably whip the dudes ***, and when he calls the police to have me arrested, my story will be so well fabricated, plus my credentials, that he'd be the one going to jail for some variant of assault. Not fair - but true. 2 - every major law enforcement agency has a cyber crimes unit. I happen to live and work in NYC. We have the NYPD T.A.R.U. And to say that these guys would blow your mind is a massive understatement. So after I was done reigning hell on these people, I simply pass all of their info on to T.A.R.U. and let these guys go to work. Basically, they're just a group of super hackers with the rank of "Detective". We recruit worldwide for these guys, not just in NYC.

    So trust me when I say that it doesn't take much for someone like me to call in a favor or two. A 3 minute phone call for me (on the iPhone) could equal years in prison for some people.

    And to darksniper - I never said I paid anyone. I said that I was considering it. I can't get a refund for an exchange that never happened...
    11-29-2009 10:53 AM
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    Also, google wikipedia "NYPD T.A.R.U" to get a better understanding of what it is they do and who they are.
    11-29-2009 10:56 AM
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    Talk about a "BIG HEAD"... Touchy, Touchy... I simply made a statement and asked YOU a Question... If you work with the NYPD I can understand your attitude... I'm sure you know more about "Fabricating the story" than I. YOUR Words... NOT MINE... In my travels I've on occation ran into individuals of your caliber. I have also found that over time they are usually given a "REALITY" check. You, my friend, put your pants on the same way we the "COMMON" folk do. One leg at a time. I also know through experience, one's destiny is in control of your OWN actions or non-actions... Again, YOUR WORDS NOT MINE... " My Story will be SO fabricated, plus my credentials, he will be the one going to jail"... You and others that abuse their position usually fall farther and harder than the one that lives his life NOT wrapped up in themselves and are led by a higher power other than themselves. I will give credit where credit is due. It was Samual L Jackson in "Lakeview Terrace". I stand corrected. I have a GREAT respect for the Men or Women who put their lives on the line daily for the safety of others. As for "Someone like You, calliing in a favor or two" ? Watch your BACK... Someone may be "calling in a favor"...
    11-29-2009 01:00 PM
  12. LVCIFER's Avatar
    The funny thing is, as soon as I stated that I worked with law enforcement, your prejudice went up and formed a wall around yourself, and you automatically assumed that I was some big dumb 'roided out jock with a badge and gun. And it shows.

    Now, first things first, look at the topic of our conversation. I never, at ANY point said that I would randomly pick a person off the street, and destroy their lives. In my comments, I've said that if I paid to have someone hack my phone in a way that I couldn't do it myself, hypothetically, and they screwed up my property (which isn't cheap, mind you, especially for those of u. Who paid outright and didn't subsidize), that I would beat the p*ss out of them. Then I stated that I would call in a favor.

    Fact - I can't force these people (charging for jailbreak/unlock) to commit any illegal activity, they are doing that on their own. I'm not fabricating anything.

    Fact - when people interact with the police, they lie. How many times have you made up some stupid sob story to get out of a ticket? EVERYONE lies. The only difference between myself and most is that I do have professional credentials that would be given 'professional courtesy'. Certain offenses are ignored by certain people. I'm one ofthose people that most police will look the other way for.

    Fact - I never stated that I would ask T.A.R.U. to break the law. I'd simply give hem a target, and allow them to uncover whateVer they could. And more likely than not, there will be enough to charge these guys with something.

    Also a fact, you had assumed that these guys were "big burly men who were thrilled with the power they had by being protected by the police". I don't know what you've been researching, but members of T.A.R.U. ARE the police, they're forensic detective's who work specifically in a technological arena. They aren't protected by police, they ARE police. They're not just 'simply' hackers.

    See, the thing is, everyone has 'that uncle' or 'that brother' or 'that friend' they always go to when they're in trouble or when they need something of a legal nature. You know the one I mean. The cop. The one who they can ask fo help. It may be something small like making a traffic ticket dissappear, or something big, like meeting them at the scene they got arrested at so they can speak with the other police and make a DUI go away. But ultimately, everyone has 'one of those guys' that they call to do them a favor. Well... do you genuinely think that we don't do favors for ourselves? Of course we do!

    As far as fabricating a story, everyone does it. No one wants to look guilty for anything. That's why we have juries. To weed out the bullsh*t. Anyone who says they don't is a liar. Plain and simple.

    As far as that reality check, you make it seem like the dude screwed my phone up and I hired a Hitman or put a contract out on his head for Christ's sake. You don't know me, dude. You've already gottenthis entire image in your head of what I'm like based on a few paragraphs.

    Am I conceited? Yes. Because I've earned the right to be. Do I think I'm above the law? Not at all. But I'll be damned sure that I'm not going to let some jerk off committing illegal acts screw up something of mine that has cost me a crapload if money, and then refuseto fix or repair it without me having his *** spend some time in jail.

    BY LAW, even off duty, if a police officer sees someone commit a crime, it's their duty to arrest that person. It's actually in the job description. That's actually the legal reason why we carry our firearms when we aren't working.

    The other thing that you mentioned, about me 'watching my back because someone may be calling in a favor'... LET THEM! I've done nothing wrong, so I don't have any fear of these things. Unless you count taking a free cup of coffee here and there as a crime or an abuse of power.

    11-29-2009 03:17 PM
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    Oh, and also, to be clear, I'm not offended by any of this. People are allowed to have their opinions, so no harm, no foul. I'm not angry or anything, so don't sweat it. I know in your PM you seemed a bit apologetic, and there's truly no need dude. It's cool. *chuckle* I'm conceited but I'm not that much of a *****.
    11-29-2009 03:33 PM
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    Questionable Activity. Border line Illegal Photography of Civilians and civilian gatherings. Technical Assistance Research Unit (TARU) NYPD
    11-29-2009 04:42 PM
  15. IGoSlo's Avatar
    I need not go any further. If anyone is following this conversation... It's not hard to research who and WHAT T.A.R.U. does and is.... I-Witness Video Blog: Judge tells NYPD to stop willy-nilly videotaping of demonstrations
    11-29-2009 04:50 PM
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    Well, that's all nice and good, and as one sided as your links may be (I'm sure I could find plenty of 'anti authority' bloggers as well!), I think it's amusing that you didn't post any of the links to the THOUSANDS of child pornography cases that TARU has closed, or the thousands upon thousands of criminals that TARU is responsible for putting behind bars.

    See, there will always be people who hate the police. Who hate 'the man', or 'the big bad government'.

    As I said, do you genuinely think that it's a BAD thing that political rallies are surveilled? Politics and religion are the two topics that will ALWAYS, without fail, spark anger within an individual. And not EVERY criminal will show up TO the rallies, wearing ripped jeans, leather jackets, carrying visible shotguns and wearing a sign that says "I'm a bad man, watch me!".

    What you stated is basically that anything that is not seen or heard is a violation. So while we're at it, maybe we should make out undercover detective's start wearing their uniforms while they're under? That way everyone will know who and what they are. As a matter of fact, maybe we should start up a database for the public of all the undercovers in the city?

    I also served as an Army Ranger, are you going to find more 'anti authority' bloggers about us too? Is it unfair that we receive more training that the average afghan rebel, or that we carry about 12 magazines of ammunition when they only carry about 6? Is it unfair that we utilize UAV's (unmanned arial vehicles) to surveil suspects and locations without anyone knowing?

    I find your entire demeanor amusing.

    Because quite frankly, what you've shown is that if I were to tell you that the sky is blue, you'd go on the intenet and link me to the dude who is colorblind and has a blog about how it's actually green. It all boils down to the fact that you don't really like me very much, and that's cool. I'm cool with that. Life isn't a poularity contest. But that doesn't mean you have to disagree and oppose what someone says just for the sake of opposing them.
    11-29-2009 08:21 PM
  17. LVCIFER's Avatar
    And by the way, on both links, they didn't actually prove anything. All they were were links about the technical methods and property of the NYPD. It seems like the best you have is the fact that they were told not to record live public demonstrations...

    And? There's nothing in those articles that state that they've been overstepping the line. Even your link states that it's "BORDERLINE ILLEGAL ACTIVITY". Your words, not mine.

    By the way - look up the definition of "borderline". I'll wait.
    11-29-2009 08:31 PM
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    Boy... I see I've opened up a DEEP SEEDED SORE in your world. It was NOT my intent to set you OFF... Your rambling could possibly be an outcry for help. I have the DEEPEST and MOST heart felt respect for our service men and women as well as our Police Officer's. There are however LINE's in the sand. If one or a group are involved in "Shady" activity, that activity should be exposed. Except for your word you offered NO such satisfactory evidence that T.A.R.U. uses "NON-Shady" practices to gather surveillance on "LEGAL" gatherings. I searched for some time following your suggestion to find child porno rings Buusted or 1,000's and 1'000's of criminals incarcerated by the Excellent job of investigating by the NYPD T.A.R.U.. There may be, I'm not denying that. I will continue to search. By the way my friend... "Borderline"... Of Questionable or minimal Quality. A line that indicates a Boundry.
    11-30-2009 04:22 AM
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    This thread is not getting anywhere, Thread Closed.
    11-30-2009 06:10 AM