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    I have an 2g iphone that has bricked me out because i accidentally updated it.
    I am not sure what os it was running on and I have been trying to unlock it using quickpwn225 and the firmware 221. I have itunes 9 and have my phone in fdu mode. itunes is asking me to restore phone. now i know im supposed to hold shift and hit restore but when i do the firmware i downloaded is not being recognized as firmware. It is being recognized as a folder it does not match any of the pictures of th firmware ive seen it just looks like a compressed folder. whats is wrong? and am I even on the right path to unlocking my phone? I think im running firmware 3.1.2 on my 2g iphone is that possible and how do i downgrade or jailbreakunlock that?
    someone please help me.
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    11-21-2009 08:45 PM
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    It's real simple.

    Don't download any firmwares. Connect your 2G to iTunes. When it asks you if you want to update, SAY YES.

    Download and install the official firmware.

    Go to blackra1n.com and download blackra1n.

    Click "Make it rain" and jailbreak your phone.

    Install Cydia from the blackra1n.app on your springboard.

    Search for "BootNeuter" in Cydia.

    Voil. You're updated, jailbroken, and unlocked on the newest OS.

    Hope that helped.
    11-21-2009 11:17 PM