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    Ok not sure if this is a jailbreak issue or what. Before there was a jailbreak for 3.1 I used a technique to enable mms. I never updated to 3.1 because I wanted to keep my jailbreak. It involved downloading SupremePreferences from Cydia, and turning on some options and entering the mms address for send/receive, etc. Now it worked great and I had the little camera icon by where you enter the text and everything, just like if I had updated.

    Now the problem is after awhile the phone starting replacing texts with pics here and there at random. You would see the text pop up and be in the list of texts, but when you went into where you see the conversation in text balloons, sometimes there would be pics instead. This has really started getting annoying because I have to have people resend their texts, and the pics come back randomly, and my friends sometimes send some nasty stuff. Even after I delete the pics, all the texts, and never save them, they will show up down the road. They only show up on my end thankfully.

    In an attempt to fix this I took off the jailbreak and updated to 3.1.2. I don't think it's the actual jailbreak though because I had it jailbroken fine for awhile. It started after I did the go around in activating the mms. I even did a full restore but it still does it! Has anybody experienced this problem? Please help this is getting so annoying!
    11-21-2009 11:23 AM