1. MustangLife's Avatar
    I have the SBSToggle and it shows of course storage and available memory. Storage 270MB and I have available 143 MB. I've only been jailbroken 48-72 hours now. So I'm gonna have to go deleting stuff now it seems. Is there anything else I can do as 143 MB is gonna go quick.

    11-20-2009 09:18 AM
  2. BENGRIMM's Avatar
    I have been jailbroken for awhil now and have alot of apps and I have 113 MB . I would say dont start deleting any file on the iphone cause that can have havoc on your phone . Just choose app and themes you real like .
    11-20-2009 03:09 PM
  3. big9erfan's Avatar
    Available memory is your available RAM, for applications to use. If this is starting to get too low, just reboot the device.

    Storage shows what's used to what is available, so it should be
    270MB / ______ MB

    You're fine, don't start deleting anything.
    11-20-2009 03:33 PM