1. bladebarrier's Avatar
    Is it possible to mimic a blackberry screen?

    By that I mean, a screen that has mixed calendar, sms, and email previews, previewed simultaneously across it?

    Something along these lines:


    (Sorry, I can't link due to not enough posts)

    11-19-2009 10:11 PM
  2. Allyson Kazmucha's Avatar
    you are talking about the today screen theme type layout.

    yes you can do that.

    assuming you are jailbroken there are a few options. Intelliscreen is a very popular one, there is a new one coming out called element as well (not out quite yet), and i believe there are a few free options. Intelliscreen and LockInfo are unfortunately, not free. Through cydia, they are premium. Good products, but you have to pay.

    I didn't buy them because I don't really like the way they are laid out. They take away from the iPhone feel of the phone. I'm waiting for Element as it keeps the look and feel that makes an iPhone an iPhone.

    But to answer your question, yes, you can have a splash screen that will show you a quick glance at pretty much whatever you want.
    11-20-2009 05:09 AM
  3. bladebarrier's Avatar
    Excellent! Thanks for all the help.
    11-20-2009 04:25 PM