1. iamkalive's Avatar
    i am having trouble with the newly installed asVibra2 . i have read around the net and seen other ppl with similar problems.

    i have iphone 3gs. installed cydia via blackra1n hack.

    I do not seem to be getting a vibration, (when on silent mode and the setting for email, text, notifications the sound is off..) -for text or emails.

    i uninstalled the software and tried it.i made sure all the notifications (text, email, call, etc) were set to on..then i just hit the silent switch on the side of the phone, and it works as normal..

    buuuttt..i reinstalled it asvibra 2, now it works like as if i never installed the app and just get 1 vibrate for text/email.. i dunno..

    any suggestions, tips???? i would really like the 3 vibrate thing..i live off of vibrate.
    11-19-2009 05:03 PM