1. MustangLife's Avatar
    I'm a fairly new Iphone 3gs user. I've had my phone about 3 months now and was always worried about jailbreaking, possibilities of bricking the phone, warranty issues and complications.

    I bit the bullet today and jailbreaked my 3.1.2 Iphone 3gs using BlackRain. This process was simple, quick, easy, and error free.

    Counting reboot time maybe 5 minutes.

    1. Downloaded latest version of ITunes (If not already updated)
    2. rebooted computer
    3. Downloaded BlackRain
    4. rebooted computer
    5. Clicked on blackrain download
    6. Plugged in Iphone and the rest is history

    I'm sure you don't have to reboot your computer like I did, but It gave me a since of security.

    I've since downloaded Cydia and Rock (haven't used rock yet)
    Winter Board (To be able to modify themes, etc)
    Quickreply sms (Keeps you from exiting out of apps when you get a sms message
    SBSettings (Allows you to hide icons and have a toggle at the top of screen for 3g, wi-fi, bluetooth, etc)

    I'm happier than a pig in **** right now,

    Thanks to everyone that motivated me to jailbreak.

    11-18-2009 01:39 PM
  2. ny888's Avatar
    Welcome to the community !
    11-18-2009 01:48 PM
  3. IGoSlo's Avatar
    WELCOME.. Now Soup the ***** Up.
    11-18-2009 01:52 PM
  4. r5murphy's Avatar
    Can you multitask with a "Broken" phone?

    11-18-2009 04:11 PM
  5. ny888's Avatar
    Yes - download Backgrounder and it'll multitask.
    11-18-2009 04:35 PM
  6. FrankRow's Avatar
    Where/how do you download BlackRain? I'm consideing JBing also for my 3GS. Thanks for all the info and walk through.
    11-18-2009 04:59 PM
  7. AarontheRed's Avatar
    You can download it at blackra1n.com. (Note the number "1" in place of the letter "i".)
    11-20-2009 02:54 PM