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    I have requested that in the UK O2 officially unlock my 3G iphone, I had to provide them with the IEMI number, but I don't use the phone, my wife does with her TMobile SIM. They said they would email me when it was done.
    I requested the unlock on the evening of the first day it was possible. I have seen posts from people who requested it earlier in the first day saying theirs was done within a couple of days. So can they officially unlock it when it is currently jail broken and unlocked? Anyone have an educated opinion on that?
    I have tried rebooting, I dont really want to update it, which would relock it and then wait for the text as they said it could take a couple of weeks.
    11-17-2009 07:36 AM
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    I have waited all week to see if they could unlock my jailbroken, Ultrasn0w unlocked phone which was connected to T-Mobile UK. The answer is no. Today I placed my O2 SIM in the phone, shut it down and restarted it, about half an hour later I got a text fron O2 saying my phone was now unlocked. I should really have checked whether it was still jailbroken but I forgot. I updated the phone to the lastest firmware. So there ends my voyae in the world of jailbreaking and unlocking, cat and mouse. Its been emotional. ~I hope somen finds this aas interesting as I would have done.
    11-20-2009 05:21 PM