1. jimmysuggs's Avatar
    Okay so I jailbroke my phone a few weeks ago using blackrain, totally love it and really enjoy the freedom that jailbreaking offers. Last night cydia told me that 3 programs I have installed have updates, so I figure what the heck, might as well update. Bad idea. The phone downloads the updates, reboots and is then stuck at the apple logo forever. I finally had no choice but to restore. Didn't wanna do it but the logo was just not gonna go away so I bit the bullet and restored.

    When I restored, itunes automatically updated the iphone firmware to the absolutely most up to date version (not sure of the number). Does anyone know if this will make it impossible rejailbreak using blacksnow? I probably shouldn't have let it update the phone but I was in such a panic to get it working again that I was just hitting yes to everything. I'd really love to rejailbreak but I'm worried that I'm now screwed and can't do it.

    Also, does anyone know what happens if I can rejailbreak and I try to redownload the apps in cydia that I paid for? Will I have to pay again, or will cydia somehow know I've already bought it, like the itunes store does? I'd hate to have to buy the few programs I did buy all over again, that would kinda suck.

    I should add that I just want to jailbreak, I don't really want to unlock. I know the guy who created blackrain is working on an unlock, but that's a whole separate thing from blackrain, right? If I use blackrain, I won't be unlocking my phone too, will I?

    Rest assured, any thoughts anyone may have on this would be greatly appreciated.

    11-15-2009 11:19 AM
  2. Alli's Avatar
    Blackra1n jailbreaks. Blacksn0w unlocks. I also went through this on Friday. Blackra1n will jb the most recent firmware 3.1.2, no problem. You can re-d/l your Cydia apps as well - no charge. I didn't have any problems.
    11-15-2009 01:26 PM