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    So i experienced this next problem:
    i had a 3.0, JB/unlocked via USB(aka it didnt have hacktivation so itunes didnt recognize my phone so i didnt have it backed up) and i finally upgraded to a 3.1 custom FW. all works fine, JB/unlock with ultrasnow from cydia worked OK, but app store doesent recognize ALOT of apps. Either i am getting "your request could not be completed", or "Application is not available for your country store" although I DID bought them before the upgrade. So out of ~30apps i bought from appstore before update, now around 20 of them give me the "not available for your country" error, even though they are paid for...
    Anyone experienced this? Anyone has any ideas on what to do? :/
    try a new credit card? make a new account? i really dont know (

    edit: all the apps appear even on the "purchase history" in account details in itunes :O

    Thank you.
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    noone? ..
    11-13-2009 03:37 AM