1. tefloncoated's Avatar
    I had some issues after this jailbreak/unlock with my early 3Gs running 3.1.2.

    First, after the jailbreak, the boot times were ~5 minutes. I actually had to restart it 3 times thinking it was hanging. Then the wifi was not connecting. I tried to reset the network settings and after another loooong reboot, wifi just got completely grayed out in the settings and i wasn't even able to turn it on or off. So i restored it to factory and re-jailbroke it again, successfully.

    Now the battery life seems to be suffering. Or maybe the battery indicator is wrong. It shows that the battery is draining VERY quickly, 20% charge loss after an hour post full charge. I normally keep push off, but it seems to be draining at an even higher rate than if i had it on. Oddly, when i plug in the charger, the battery shows the expected level of charge! Yesterday, it drained to <10% (as indicated by the battery status) and shut down... after less than 12 hours of low usage, normally at this time i have 40-60% left. But after i plugged it into the wall, battery indicator showed correct ~50% charge!! Plugging the phone into the charger seems to instantly "raise" the battery level.

    Anyone else had similar issues?
    11-05-2009 12:24 PM
  2. alvink83's Avatar
    I've got the wifi connection issue after jailbreak my iPhone 2G with blackra1n rc3, what I've done is reset the network settings and it works again.
    11-05-2009 12:29 PM
  3. Ipheuria's Avatar
    Can you turn the battery percentage off? I would say turn it off, reboot the phone then run it until it's in the red and charge it back up completely and turn the percentage back on. If you still have the same problem do a re-JB or wait to see if others have the problem too.
    11-05-2009 12:32 PM
  4. big9erfan's Avatar
    With the battery life, try a restart, that usually fixes it.
    11-05-2009 12:32 PM
  5. tefloncoated's Avatar
    i dont have the percentage enabled, just judging by the picture indicator. Tried the restart, too. Seems to stay at the same level as before restart.

    Will keep an eye on it, might have to go back to stock for a day or two to test further...
    11-05-2009 12:35 PM
  6. lowridinguy's Avatar
    So far after just being JB with blackra1n for a couple days I think my battery life has actually improved (knock on wood). Up until Monday I was JB using Redsn0w on 3.0.1. I had no complaints at all. Now that I have updated via iTunes and re-jb with blackra1n not only does my battery seem a bit better, it also seems like my phone runs with a higher than average free memory level. With redsn0w on 3.0.1, I would normally have about 100-110 free memory (using SBSettings) and now I normally have about 120-130 or more of free memory with same programs and apps installed. Not sure if this is due to the OS upgrade or the JB itself. But I am pleased with blackra1n and GEOHOT's work.
    11-05-2009 01:08 PM
  7. CScott@ATT's Avatar
    i'm running a 8GB 3G on Blackra1n 3.1.2. for a few weeks now. i previously was running with redsn0w. although i had a few issues during the jailbreak (i had to manually put the phone in recovery mode myself) my batter life has improved as well. my phone is also running MUCH smoother than on redsn0w. less buggy, NO SHUTDOWNS or bricking up! im millions times over pleased with it. wont ever go back stock again.
    11-05-2009 02:40 PM