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  1. LVCIFER's Avatar
    Hey, I have a quick question.

    I know how to create custom LS text. Right now mine reads "unleash hell", that's not the issue.

    How do I make it change colors?

    I saw a LS slider theme on Cydia the other day that had green or rainbow slider text.

    How would I, for example, change my lockscreen "slide to unlock" text to red?

    Does anyone know?
    10-27-2009 05:36 PM
  2. Gary86's Avatar
    Sure to this thread and go to first page, explains everything. Mine is red right now!
    10-27-2009 05:54 PM
  3. LVCIFER's Avatar
    Which thread? There's no link!

    And what battery theme are you using? I like it a lot.
    10-27-2009 07:54 PM
  4. Gary86's Avatar
    wow sorry....

    color or slider text

    and here's the battery(all the way at the bottom)...drop in themes in ssh


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    10-27-2009 08:29 PM
  5. LVCIFER's Avatar
    Thank you, Gary. I appreciate it.
    10-27-2009 11:34 PM
  6. LVCIFER's Avatar
    However, wait a quick second.... I'm not sure how you got only the "moving highlighted" part of the text to be red.... Is there any way you could upload a zip file of the exact files you used in the TelephonyUI that you used, so that I could disect them?
    10-27-2009 11:59 PM
  7. Gary86's Avatar
    I just used what was in the link bro...I just stick in whatever theme im using and delete the factory one(well save on desktop not delete)
    10-28-2009 01:30 AM
  8. LVCIFER's Avatar
    Ahh, okay. Gotcha. Because I used one of them as well, and it seems like all it is is creating a small PNG file with a custom gradient in Photoshop, and then putting it in the correct remember folder.

    You don't even actually have to put it inside a theme though, dude. You can just create all of the required folders in the Winterboard Themes section by using SSH. Create the correct folders, drop in the PNG file, and then enable it in Winterboard. It should supercede the theme in your current theme, especially if it doesn't have one. (i.e. "Illumine", etc...)
    10-28-2009 02:10 AM
  9. Gary86's Avatar
    What are the correct folders? in what order?
    10-28-2009 03:39 AM
  10. Gary86's Avatar
    nevermind figured it out
    10-28-2009 04:14 AM
  11. Gary86's Avatar
    Thank you, Gary. I appreciate it.

    No problem...hook me up with a tilt of the scale
    10-28-2009 04:25 AM
  12. Ipheuria's Avatar
    I haven't been themeing my phone since my 2G just use Winterboard to have my wallpapers show on the homescreen. These screenshots are looking so good perhaps I will have to do it again and also make my own.
    10-28-2009 08:48 AM
  13. DainBramage1's Avatar
    I know how to create custom LS text. Right now mine reads "unleash hell", that's not the issue.
    I'd like to change my text... how is it done? Thanks!
    12-26-2009 04:25 AM