1. Noonan's Avatar
    Yup. Exactly what the title says.

    3GS 3.1.2 jailbroken with blackra1n. Unless I have wifi, I can't get internet access.

    Facebook shows a big red box that says "No Internet Connection" where the "load more posts" button usually is.
    Safari says "Safari cannot open this page because there is no internet connection"- or something along those lines.

    Full bars of 3G, and no internet connection??
    10-17-2009 11:50 AM
  2. Indygangsta's Avatar
    had this same problem, do you have boss prefs or sbsettings installed?
    10-17-2009 11:30 PM
  3. Noonan's Avatar
    I have SBSettings..
    10-18-2009 12:33 AM
  4. Indygangsta's Avatar
    uninstall sbsettings, see if it works, then reinstall, should be fine after
    10-18-2009 09:18 PM
  5. hachi108's Avatar
    Exact same issue here. Tested with 2 different iPhone 3GS. On one phone I did a clean restore 6 times and used blackra1n. One of the first apps to install is SBSettings, disabled Edge and wifi leaving only 3G on. Internet service does not work.

    On the 2nd phone everything seemed to be working normally. It also had SBSettings so I disabled wifi and Edge. No Internet service.

    Right now my phone is not jailbroken. I will try next chance I get. If anyone else can verify that SBSettings is causing issue, please advise.

    12-02-2009 09:30 AM
  6. big9erfan's Avatar
    Try to reset the network settings

    Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings
    12-02-2009 11:28 AM
  7. hachi108's Avatar
    I have already tried to reset network also with no luck.
    12-02-2009 01:33 PM
  8. hachi108's Avatar
    I jailbroke again last night using blackra1n. Same issue but I think it's SBSettings that's causing the issue.

    In order for 3G service to run, both Edge and 3G has to be on at the same time. 3G service will work. If only Edge is on, then edge service will work (slower). If only 3G is on, no internet service.

    I'm guessing this is an issue with SBSettings and hopefully they come out with a fix in the next version.

    So 3G service does work when both Edge and 3G is on, which is by default.
    If you turn off Edge so that only 3G is on, there will be no internet service.

    Wifi has nothing to do with this issue but obviously if you're connected, it will use wifi.
    12-04-2009 12:08 PM
  9. Hack-My-i's Avatar
    this happened to me when i 1st JB my 3gs with the latest fw and a rejb took care of my problem...sry that didnt work for u
    12-04-2009 12:29 PM