1. jamesus's Avatar
    Wow. I might re-jailbreak just to try it out.

    HTC Hero Sense UI on iPhone | Redmond Pie

    (From Engadget)
    08-17-2009 07:40 PM
  2. shutter's Avatar
    Very cool, I put it on, but it's damn near impossible to use the contacts and winterboard icons while using mQuickDo using the bottom bar slider. so I took it off.
    08-17-2009 08:26 PM
  3. Tramain's Avatar
    Wow. I might re-jailbreak just to try it out.
    I wanna re-jailbreak now.
    08-17-2009 08:31 PM
  4. Jellotime91's Avatar
    not worth it... I tried it and it's painstakingly awful to set up, you have to use those crappy work-around blank icons.. God I just hate stuff like this. But it's a step in the right direction because it shows Apple how badly people want theming.. COME ON @_@
    08-17-2009 10:27 PM
  5. lionheartednyhc's Avatar
    I hate themes that don't even have a complete icon set (for stock apps no less).

    I will admit the "quick launcher" thing is well done, wish I knew how he did it.
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    08-17-2009 11:54 PM
  6. cobra302's Avatar
    wow, thats cool looking! but man what a set of instructions to get it to work! LOL
    08-18-2009 12:11 AM
  7. Jellotime91's Avatar
    for an OCD person like me, one minor cosmetic change needs to be made. Because the white bar doesn't actually move like it does on the hero, it should be removed. There is no point for the white bar being there and when you know what it's actually supposed to do.. down with the white bar until they can make it functional.. lmfao
    08-18-2009 12:51 AM
  8. penorwood's Avatar
    I installed it but couldn't get the weather to work and one of the bottom buttons was missing. The contacts button didn't work either. At least this was my experience.
    08-18-2009 09:42 AM
  9. TeknologeeFreak's Avatar
    I recently got my Jailbreak on and basically just to try this theme out. As has been stated before in this thread, its a pain in the *** to get configured correctly. The blank icons, blah blah blah...not worth it.. and as someone else pointed out, there isn't a full icon set, so whats the point??

    One theme I did think was somewhat worth the effort was the Palm Prefection theme that is now availabe via Cydia..
    12-23-2009 11:22 AM