1. penorwood's Avatar
    I had the exact same problem and also suspect the problem was ToneFX. I just did a full recovery and will rejailbreak nut without ToneFx (even though it worked, everything worked until the mobile substrate update).
    07-15-2009 04:12 AM
  2. Steve.Tate's Avatar
    I had this same issue yesterday. I think the app causing my problem is Winterboard. I did a full New Phone restore, re-jailbroke with purplera1n, installed Cydia, installed the MobileSubstrate stand alone install, rebooted and everything was fine. I installed a few other apps like 5-icon Dock, SBSettings, and ToneFX. Everything was working fine. Did a few respringing with SBSettings just to make sure. Then I tried Winterboard and BOOM!, Safe Mode, every time! Uninstalled Winterboard, and everything came up fine, no problems. Tried reinstalling MobileSubstraight stand alone, rebooting the phone, and then reinstalling Winterboard, and BOOM, safe mode. Uninstalled Winterboard and everything is fine.

    So, I can install and run everything fine, EXCEPT Winterboard. Bummer.
    07-15-2009 11:28 AM
  3. only1jonarius's Avatar
    I'm MOS DEF not updateN my mobile substrate for my 3G running redsn0w. Do all you have the 3GS?!
    07-15-2009 12:04 PM
  4. Matt74's Avatar
    Sounds pretty obvious to me that it's ToneFX.

    Is there anyone here who's experiencing the problem that does not have ToneFX installed?

    @Seppeku - I bet if you removed ToneFX, the installation of Winterboard wouldn't trigger SB crashes.
    07-15-2009 12:21 PM
  5. Steve.Tate's Avatar
    Well, this is strange. So I was testing what Matt74 suggested and it's kinda working.

    I uninstalled ToneFX, resprung, installed Winterboard, rebooted, and now the board comes up fine, BUT the Winterboard icon looks like ToneFX!

    How do I fix that?
    07-15-2009 01:13 PM
  6. Matt74's Avatar
    Icons becoming mixed up is a known problem with 3.0
    07-15-2009 01:41 PM
  7. Steve.Tate's Avatar

    I haven't had this problem in the past and I've gone through 3 restores and jailbreaks now.

    Someone earlier asked what kind of phone... White 32Gb 3GS is what I have...
    07-15-2009 01:43 PM
  8. LVCIFER's Avatar
    Well, here's the deal - in order to change an icon, you would need the original Winterboard icon in *.png format on your computer, you would need to download "iPhone Browser", and you would need to do the following:

    -Go into your iPhone using iPhone Browser, find the current winterboard icon "it should be named "winterboard.png".
    -RENAME THAT to "anything.png". Now, take the original Winterboard icon from your CPU, rename that file to "winterboard.png" WHILE STILL ON YOUR CPU.
    -Now, simply drag your ORIGINAL Winterboard icon into the directory in iPhone Browser where you renamed the first file to "anything.png".

    Once you drag it, the "new" (original) Winterboard icon will take the place of the ToneFX/Winterboard icon you currently have mixed up on your phone.

    I know I didn't go I to very much detail, but I'm typing from the road on my iPhone, so if you need further assistance, I can help more once I get home. Or, others can clarify what I meant.
    07-15-2009 02:16 PM
  9. Steve.Tate's Avatar
    That worked!

    I was thinking the same thing when it happened, but when I Previewed the icon in the iPhoneBrowser, it looked right, so I didn't do anything with it.

    So, right now, I just copied the Winterboard folder out of the phone onto my computer, opened the files and the icon looked right. Deleted the two icons on the phone and re-copied them over from my PC to the phone, resprung, and now everything looks right.

    ToneFX, only on their Contact US Support site, is mentioning that the app doesn't work on 3GS now. Not on the front page, but a little deeper down when you want to send them an email!
    07-15-2009 02:26 PM
  10. lionheartednyhc's Avatar
    So there is nothign wrong with mobile - substrate? Apparently a another update is available this morning...
    07-15-2009 02:31 PM
  11. LVCIFER's Avatar
    Yeah, figures. I really likes ToneFX too, it made everything so damned easy.

    Have you ever actually TRIED to manually change your SMS notifiers? It's a ***** and a half and takes some time. The only upside is that when you changed it with ToneFX it was one click, but ALL 6 of your SMS notifiers were the same sound. If you update them all manually, you can have 6 different, CUSTOM SMS notifiers.

    I also liked that ToneFX allowed me to take certain sounds from multiple different themes and use them all at once. I was thinking about taking and creating my own master mix-theme from all the others. That should be fun. But if I save it to my CPU, it would be a he'll of a lot easier than downloading each and every component seperately everytime I restore.

    Sorry for ranting, just started thinking about other crap...
    07-15-2009 02:33 PM
  12. Steve.Tate's Avatar
    I think something easier might be to create your own theme, put all your sounds that you want into the UISounds folder, then just select it with Winterboard. If the sounds are named right, it should work, yes?
    07-15-2009 02:37 PM
  13. LVCIFER's Avatar
    Well I'm not talking about just sounds, I'm talking everything. Different wallpaper from the ones on the lockscreen, multiple sounds from different themes, the badges from the silent hill theme, the signal bars, the sliders, battery themes, dialers, the verizon carrier logo, live weather icons, etc, etc.

    Literally - one master theme to rule them all. So I can save it to my CPU, and simply put it back every time I restore. I just think it would save time is all.
    07-15-2009 02:41 PM
  14. Steve.Tate's Avatar
    Yeah, someone needs to make one Master Theme to control everything and then just let us put whatever we want inside the right folders so we can totally customize the whole thing.

    Master Template for all sounds and icons...
    07-15-2009 03:09 PM
  15. LVCIFER's Avatar
    Well, theorhetically, if Saurik could redesign some aspects of Winterboard to be more of a diverse filesystem, it SHOULD work. For example, you open up Cydia, and download a "Theme Elements" package - a package that just has the files needed for say, a battery theme, for example - then, you open up the "Master Winterboard" app, but instead of giving you only one section/list that enables hints, if it were set up like the "Settings" app, or even "ToneFX", where you click on a category, that should work just fine.

    Yet another example:

    You open up Winterboard, and then go into the Wallpaper category, and select "wallpaper x". Then you back out into the main section of 'Winterboard' where it lists the new categories. Now, you go into section for the battery theme you just downloaded, and enable that.

    Long story short, the filesystem would have to look something like this:

    Winterboard>Battery Theme Elements
    Winterboard>Lockscreen Wallpaper
    Winterboard>Signal Bar Logos
    Winterboard>Wifi Logos
    Winterboard>Carrier Logos
    Winterboard>Icon Sets

    etc, etc.

    THAT WAY, you would be able to control and enable/disable EVERYTHING and ALWAYS be able to pick and choose your custom theme.
    07-15-2009 03:33 PM
  16. Steve.Tate's Avatar
    That would be awesome! And you could pick and choose from different aspects of different themes if you liked something in one theme better than the other and so on and so forth...

    I would donate to get this done...
    07-15-2009 03:39 PM
  17. LVCIFER's Avatar
    Well actually with the way I described above, there wouldn't be any "full" themes, they would all be "theme elements". Use my battery thing as an example, from before. Right now, you can download JUST battery themes. It would have o be like that with EVERYTHING, not just certain elements.

    Plus, you have to realize that the iPhone OS is CONSTANTLY updating. Everytime Apple releases an update, Saurik would have to release a new update as well. That's a monumental task.

    However, $5.00 donation for "Master Winterboard" and a $1.99 donation for each future update sounds more than fair. But for "Master Winterboard" only, not for mobilesubstrate updates or sbsettings updates, etc, etc.
    07-15-2009 04:02 PM
  18. bgro's Avatar
    no problems on mine after upgrading
    07-15-2009 05:45 PM
  19. dbmet's Avatar
    Im thinking it was ToneFX as well..I restored and jailbroke again last night and tried installing ToneFX today and it hosed everything, so I uninstalled ToneFX and all is well..
    07-15-2009 06:09 PM
  20. BuddhistGirafe's Avatar
    Ok, I am worried about upgrading Mobile Substrate. I do not have ToneFX so I am not that worried, but I also do not want to have to re-jailobreak after all the customization and apps and stuff I have
    07-15-2009 06:27 PM
  21. BuddhistGirafe's Avatar
    Just upgraded and all is well. PHEW
    07-15-2009 06:31 PM
  22. only1jonarius's Avatar
    wat iPhone do u have?
    07-15-2009 07:51 PM
  23. itry2hide's Avatar
    I have the same problem with Winterboard, though it came out of nowhere. I was using my iPhone (3G, 16Gb) normally. All of a sudden, it reboot, and went into safe mode. No matter what I tried, it stayed in Safe Mode. I finally restored with PWNage, went right into Safe Mode. I uninstalled Winterboard, no more safe mode. I don't have ToneFX installed.
    12-26-2009 03:35 PM
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